Turlington Building

Technicians rappelling from the roof of The Ralph D. Turlington Florida Education Center in Tallahassee, FL


The Ralph D. Turlington Florida Education Center, an 18-story building in downtown Tallahassee, FL, was constructed over a three-year period and completed in 1989. Commonly known as the Turlington Building, it houses the Florida Department of Education and was named after former Education Commissioner, Ralph Turlington.


Presto Restoration was contacted because over the years the building developed extensive stains on the alucobond metal panels and the exterior window glass, and the Presto team has had renowned success with tough exterior restorations projects.


The Turlington Building is a great example of how the restoration team’s careful planning and coordination can overcome challenges with hard to access building facades. The pointed roof presented a challenge that most contractors would shy away from, but the Presto team’s strategic technicians were able to safely and effectively access the metal panels and glass windows of the building’s façade. To restore the severely stained panels to a like-new appearance, the team used Presto EnviRestore MSR. Without protecting and waterproofing the metal panels, the stains would eventually return and the work would need to be performed again periodically. To help avoid another restoration job in the future, the team applied Presto Metal Protector MD, which protects the exterior with a waterproof coating that repels staining elements. To restore the building’s glass windows to a like-new condition and remove all staining, the team used the Presto Glass ReSurfacer System.


The Presto Restoration team restored the building’s entire facade without needing to replace any of the expensive panels or glass windows. The building owners were extremely pleased with the glass and metal restorations performed on their building and the money they saved by choosing restoration over replacements. Not only did the owners save money in the short term, but with the waterproof coating the Presto team applied to the newly restored metal panels, the owners can rest assured that with proper maintenance, the building’s metal panels will never require another restoration job.

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Technicians rappelling from the roof of The Ralph D. Turlington Florida Education Center in Tallahassee, FL

The unique architecture of educational building in Tallahassee, FL presents exciting new challenge for surface restoration project


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