About Us

Architecture is beautiful.

Whether a high-rise corporate headquarters, a mid-rise multi-family complex, a historic church, or something in between, we believe each building should look as good as the day it was built. And with the proper care, we know it can.

With over 25 years of experience, Presto has established itself as a nationwide leader in the building restoration and waterproofing industry. We are equipped to handle large-scale external restoration projects and thrive on providing the superior service you deserve. Through fair pricing and high-quality results, we have always earned our clients’ loyalty and trust.

Presto founder and CEO, Judah Clark, first started Presto Property Services as a window cleaning and pressure washing maintenance services provider in Atlanta, GA. With a focus on high-performing and long-lasting solutions, Clark grew the organization into Presto Restoration, a commercial building exterior restoration and waterproofing company with a comprehensive approach based on decades of experience.

In the beginning, Presto utilized all available products and techniques for exterior building cleaning, restoration, and preservation on the market, finding them to be ineffective, short-lived, or dangerous to apply. After significant research, Presto partnered with a team of chemical engineers to develop a full line of proprietary restoration and protection products designed to combat the most common issues found on exterior architectural surfaces. Presto’s line is the first complete line in the industry for cleaning, restoring, and protecting multiple architectural surfaces.

Judah Clark

Founder & CEO


With a thorough knowledge of the available means and methods to restore various facades, we leverage our proprietary solutions as well as utilize commercially available products to solve architectural surface problems.

When tackling these challenges, there is no better solution than the Presto Restoration product line and application techniques. We guarantee our approach will give you the results you need with warranties you can trust.

Presto Promise
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Join Our Team


With new and exciting nationwide projects always in the pipeline, our team is constantly expanding. We are looking for experienced and detail-oriented individuals to join our crew for full-time work handling large scale restoration and preservation projects across the country. Applicants must have experience working on the exterior of high-rise buildings. Contact via email at [email protected].


We are always interested in learning of unique skill sets that might be a good addition to the Presto team. Our approach is to create roles that fit the individual strengths of our people rather than filling cookie-cutter positions. So while there aren’t specific jobs listed here, we may be open to creating one. Let’s get to know each other. Send your resume and a note to [email protected] to get started.