Ruby Hicks Hall

Technicians on crane at Ruby Hicks Hall at Tri-County Technical College in Pendleton, SC


Ruby Hicks Hall is a building located on the Tri-County Technical College campus in Pendleton, SC that provides space for student support and administration functions. The building was undergoing a complete renovation when campus management contacted Presto Restoration.


The Presto team was brought in to perform the exterior restoration portion of the project. The building was made up of large metal panels that had significant, visible deterioration from exposure to environmental elements over the years.


The team was able to access the building’s façade with the use of lifts to restore the metal panels to their original brilliance. Presto’s EnviRestore MSR and Metal Resurfacer products were used to remove the stains and oxidation from the exterior panels. Once the panels were restored, the technicians caulked the metal-to-metal joints to achieve a smooth finish, then applied Presto’s Metal Protector HD to protect the panels from future effects of harsh environmental elements. These treatments significantly enhanced the building’s appearance and were done without the need for costly panel replacements or expensive exterior painting of the panels.


The Ruby Hicks Hall renovation was one of the first major projects performed on the campus in 20 years, and the Presto team was honored to take part in the restoration of this building that aids in educating the future leaders of America. By choosing Presto Restoration, the building panels and waterproofing are guaranteed to be protected from any future stains and deterioration.

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Technicians on crane at Ruby Hicks Hall at Tri-County Technical College in Pendleton, SC

Metal restoration & waterproofing brings new luster to educational building in Pendleton, SC


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