St. Regis Atlanta Hotel

St. Regis luxury high-rise hotel in Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, GA


The St. Regis Hotel, located in Atlanta’s affluent Buckhead neighborhood, was opened in April of 2009. The luxury hotel is known for its 5-star service and accommodations, and its management expects the same level of service and professionalism from their vendors.


Presto Restoration was chosen to complete a full glass restoration and protection treatment on the hotel to bring the window glass back to like-new condition. The hotel’s glass had accumulated hard water stains and streaking due to mineral leaching from the surrounding precast, which is a common source of glass staining.


To achieve the very best glass restoration results, Presto technicians treated the windows with the Presto Glass ReSurfacer System. Once the window glass was restored to its original clarity, Presto’s Glass Defender MD was applied to keep the glass protected from degrading elements. In order to reach some areas of the hotel that were harder to access, the team rappelled from the roof and also utilized the hotel’s permanent swing stage system.


Despite some minor delays during the restoration process due to extreme and inclement weather, the team was able to swiftly complete the project, upholding the hotel’s standards and providing them with Presto’s own 5-star window restoration and protection treatment. By following the recommended maintenance plan provided by Presto, the hotel will successfully avoid recurring glass stains and streaks and will never need to restore its window glass again.

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St. Regis luxury high-rise hotel in Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, GA

Glass restoration returns brilliance to exterior of luxury hotel in Atlanta, GA


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