Indiana Michigan Power Center

Indiana Michigan Power Center high rise office building in Fort Wayne, IN


The Indiana Michigan Power Center is both the tallest building in the city of Fort Wayne as well as the tallest reinforced concrete structure in the state of Indiana. After 4 years of construction, the landmark building was completed in 1982. 


Presto Restoration was contacted by the managers of the building because there was significant water leakage and deterioration of the building’s facade. The building needed all of the voids and unsound substrates to be repaired and sealed. Left unattended, the water leakage would continue to deteriorate the exterior and eventually make its way into the building’s interior. The Presto team was awarded the coating contract and began repairing the facade.


The technicians used patch material and sealant as recommended by the coating manufacturer. Once the building was patched and sealed, an elastomeric coating was applied to ensure a complete waterproofing of the facade. To complete the waterproofing project, silicone caulking was used within the window systems for a long-lasting waterproofing of the glass to metal joints.


Once the project was completed, the building’s entire exterior was waterproofed to ensure protection from all external elements. The owners were relieved to have their water leakage issue under control and confident the Presto Restoration waterproofing service would keep their building protected for decades.

Indiana Michigan Power Center high rise office building in Fort Wayne, IN

Waterproofing the exterior of this landmark high rise in Fort Wayne, IN was no small feat


Fort Wayne, IN


One Summit II LLC

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Commercial Office


Caulking & Coating

Elastomeric Coating


Dow Corning 795

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