Mulberry Street United Methodist Church

Mulberry Street United Methodist Church in Macon, Georgia


Mulberry Street United Methodist Church is a historic church located in downtown Macon, GA. The church was founded in 1826 and features beautiful Gothic-style architecture with intricate stained-glass windows. 


Presto Restoration was contacted when the church decided it was necessary to have restorations and waterproofing performed to preserve the integrity of the historic building and ensure its continued presence in the community. Given the building’s age, there was severe deterioration and water penetration that needed to be addressed.


Significant repair work was performed on the bell tower and chimney, both of which had heavily deteriorated due to decades of water penetration leaving many of the stones in the structure loose. Over the course of the restoration, the Presto team was able to remove and replace every grout line and mortar joint on the church. All horizontal and elevated vertical stone surfaces were re-pointed and then restored using the products in Presto’s Stone Restore series. 

Once the stone was restored, the Presto product, LeachStop, was applied to waterproof the stone and help prevent future biological staining and environmental contaminants. Finally, all window frames and louvers were painted to perfection. The team was able to employ a mix of access methods from scaffolding to rappelling in order to reach and restore even the most difficult to reach areas. Each service was skillfully and delicately performed, and the results speak for themselves.


The Mulberry Street United Methodist Church was beautifully restored, enhancing the original integrity of the structure for generations to enjoy and admire. The Presto team truly enjoys opportunities to restore elegant works of architecture such as this historic church.

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Mulberry Street United Methodist Church in Macon, Georgia

Centuries old church in downtown Macon, GA is revitalized thanks to historic preservation services


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Mulberry Street UMC

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