Stratacache glass and metal restoration in dayton ohio building and clouds


The Stratacache building is an upscale office building on Main Street in downtown Dayton, OH. The exterior of the building is predominately glass and composite metal panels. 


We were contacted to restore the exterior of this prominent office building in downtown Dayton, OH. Even though it was cleaned regularly, over the years the glass and metal surfaces lost their shine. Staining and oxidation were present on virtually every surface. The main hurdle the crew encountered was formulating the correct method to restore the composite metal panels. It took the crew almost a week of trial and error to find the correct process to find the optimal results.


Once our team discovered the best way to get the optimal finish on the metal panels, window frames, and glass on the exterior of the building they got to work bringing the exterior of this great building back to life. Their process included using our EnviRestore MSR on the metal and our Glass Resurfacer on the glass. The team had an extra tough time with some panels that were under AC vents. They had to remove, polish, and seal those panels to ensure the finish would stand up to frequent condensation. 


Due to the building’s exterior being mostly glass, a complete glass restoration service made a drastic improvement on the building’s aesthetic. The refreshed dark metal panels contrasting with the glass looks great and will continue to for years to come.

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Stratacache glass and metal restoration in dayton ohio building and clouds

Dayton, Ohio office building gets metal and glass restoration services improving overall appearance


Dayton, OH


Terry Weese

Building Type

Commercial Office Building


Metal Restoration

Window Restoration


EnviRestore MSR

Glass Resurfacer



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