Dewberry office building restoration front view

The Building

The Dewberry Headquarters Building in Fairfax, Virginia has survived almost 40 years of harsh winters and humid summers. The mostly glass and concrete exterior was starting to show its age despite regular cleaning and maintenance. 

The Challenge

Normally when we are contacted by a building owner or manager they have a specific problem they want us to solve. It could be that their windows have stains or the caulking in the control joints have cracks. This time we were asked to fix everything. Stone, glass, metal, caulking, everything needed some attention. 

The Solution

We loaded up our full line of products and got two of our teams together to tackle such a large project. We used scaffolding,swing stages, and rappelling equipment to reach every nook and corner. No surface was left untouched.

The Result

The result was a brand new looking building. Our crew worked weekends and after hours to safely restore some of the areas of the building. Safety is a huge priority for us and sometimes that means adjusting our schedule as to not put the building’s occupants at risk. Everyone worked enthusiastically and we were very pleased with how great the building looked after providing almost every service we offer.

We are always looking for our next project. If your commercial building needs exterior restoration services, call us at 1-800-785-9927 or  Request a Quote.

Dewberry office building restoration front view

Full suite of office building restoration services makes Dewberry headquarters look new again


Fairfax, VA



Building Type

Commercial Office Building

Project Duration

3 Months


Stone Restoration

Stone Protection

Glass Restoration

Glass Protection

Metal Restoration

Metal Protection



StoneRestore CB2


EnviRestore MSR

Metal Protector MD 

Glass Resurfacer Stripper 

Glass Resurfacer Final Polish

Glass Defender MD



Swing Stages

High Climbing