Hotel Roxy Lofts

Swing stage on historic loft building in Atlanta for performing restoration and waterproofing on the facade

The Building

The Hotel Roxy Lofts is an apartment building that began its life as a hotel. It was built in downtown Atlanta, Georgia in 1921. The owners reached out to Presto Restoration when they were in the process of revamping the historic hotel into modern lofts and needed an elite exterior restoration company to restore the building’s facade.

The Challenge

A couple of factors made this historic renovation quite challenging. The first was the extremely poor condition of the facade due to the age and lack of building maintenance. The window lintels were rusted through and sagging, which compromised the integrity of the mortar above. The second factor was the presence of damages that were caused by a different interior renovation contractor prior to Presto’s time on the project.

The Solution

Presto technicians first completely removed and replaced the old window lintels and installed new waterproof barriers. After restoring the window lintels, they removed and replaced any failing window putty, painted old frames, and restored the windows to their original utility. Next, the technicians waterproofed the windows and re-caulked between the flashing and roof, as well as the metal-to-metal joints in the parapet wall and the roof parapet. Lastly, all the areas where the mortar and joints had cracked were carefully re-pointed, and the brick and parapet walls were all sealed.

The Result

The owners were extremely happy to have a newly restored loft building they could begin marketing in downtown Atlanta. With proper maintenance, we are confident the building will not require future restoration services.

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Swing stage on historic loft building in Atlanta for performing restoration and waterproofing on the facade

A unique hotel in downtown Atlanta received a complete exterior restoration & waterproofing services


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