Bay Industries Headquarters

Bay Industries commercial office building in Green Bay, WI

The Building

The Bay Family of Companies specializes in commercial building materials and has 75 locations nationwide, operating from 40 corporations. Presto Restoration was chosen to restore and protect the Bay Industries headquarters building located in Green Bay, WI.

The Challenge

The building masonry was in poor condition, so the Presto Restoration team was tasked with fully restoring and protecting the stone office building

The Solution

The Presto team utilized a boom lift to access the majority of the building’s facade. And to reach the uniquely shaped entrance, the crew rappelled off the building with a Bosun chair. To restore the building’s masonry and stone surfaces to their original beauty, the team used Presto Stone Restore CB2 and Presto Stone Restore HD to remove all the stains and organic growth. Once the stone was fully restored, Presto Leach Stop was applied to waterproof the entire facade and protect the building’s masonry from future stains and water penetration.

The Result

The highlight of this project for Presto was witnessing the dramatic difference the restoration made on the building’s masonry. With the completion of these restoration and waterproofing services and by following the Presto maintenance plan, this HQ building will stay protected and looking its best without further restoration needs.

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Bay Industries commercial office building in Green Bay, WI

Masonry restoration & waterproofing services were completed on the Bay Industries headquarters in Green Bay, WI


Green Bay, WI


Bay Industries, Inc.

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