Henry Charles Place

Exterior repairs at Henry Charles Place in Bergen, NJ

The Building

The Henry Charles Place building is a residential building located in Bergen, New Jersey that was built in 1988.

The Challenge

Presto Restoration was contacted by the building’s management because the building was in need of exterior surface restoration and waterproofing services. There were many visible cracks present on the facade and imperfections in the stucco that required repair.

The Solution

The team began repairing cracks and patching the stucco. The driveway leading to the Henry Charles Place building is narrow, and one of the work areas was directly above the entrance and exit of the building’s parking garage. To allow the Presto crew to work efficiently, building management was able to funnel both entry and exit traffic through a single opening while work was underway.
Once the repairs were completed, the technicians began waterproofing the building by re-sealing the window and door perimeters and removing and replacing the control joint caulking. To completely seal and waterproof the stucco, the Presto team then applied two coats of elastomeric coating. This not only served as a stucco sealant but also gave the building’s exterior a fresh, new appearance.

The Result

Although this residential building had been neglected for some time, the Presto team was able to bring the property new life, increasing the property value for individual owners and beautifying the place that residents are now proud to call home. By following the suggested Presto Restoration maintenance plan, Henry Charles Place is positioned to avoid the need for future restorations.

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Exterior repairs at Henry Charles Place in Bergen, NJ

Stucco restoration & protection brings new life to a residential building in Bergen, NJ


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