274 South Highland

commercial waterproofing professional working on memphis apartment building

The Building

This stylish high rise apartment building is located just east of Midtown in Memphis. It is close to the University of Memphis and downtown making it a great place to live. The interior was recently renovated, and we were contacted to waterproof the entire building to protect it.

The Challenge

The entire thirteen story building needed to be waterproofed to protect the building’s structural integrity and its tenants. Waterproofing large multi-family residential buildings is one of our specialties. Our team has a proven method to ensure that no area of the building is left unprotected.

The Solution

We used rappelling equipment to access the exterior of the building. This allowed us to reach areas that swing stages or lifts just couldn’t. Our waterproofing experts know how to use boatswain chairs safely so they can fully access any building, no matter the challenges.

The Result

We were able to quickly waterproof the entire apartment building including around the windows. We noticed that the caulking around the windows wasn’t up to standard which can cause water intrusion issues and air leaks. Air leaks cause energy bills to be unnecessarily high which can be hard on renters.

We are always looking for our next project. If you need commercial waterproofing services for a building that you own or manage, call us at 1-800-785-9927 or Request a Quote.

commercial waterproofing professional working on memphis apartment building

Commercial Waterproofing Services Protect Renters in Memphis Apartment Building


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