CNN Center

Presto commercial building restoration experts rigging swing stage

The Building

The CNN Center is the world headquarters of the Cable News Network. It houses the main newsrooms and studios for CNN and has commercial office space. The CNN Center is a tourist destination and an iconic part of downtown Atlanta. 

The Challenge

We’ve helped to keep the CNN Center looking great with several projects throughout the years. This particular project came about due to damage the building received from a tornado in 2008. We worked alongside multiple construction companies as they completed repairs to the property. 

The Solution

We were tasked with cleaning, restoring, and protecting windows, stone, and stainless steel. We also repaired damaged caulking and applied a waterproof coating to the stone of the north tower. Our team of commercial building restoration experts used swing stages and rappelling equipment to access all the hard to reach areas of the building. 

The Result

We successfully completed our portion of the total reconstruction project returning the building to its original condition. Damage from the storm, a mess made from the construction, and decades of normal wear and tear were completely remedied. The protective coatings we applied to the glass, metal, and stone ensured that the entire CNN Center looked great for the next 10 years and counting.

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Presto commercial building restoration experts rigging swing stage

Total building restoration returns CNN Center in Atlanta, GA to its former glory after suffering storm damage


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