ADP Windward

ADP Windward office building entrance in Alpharetta, GA

The Building

The ADP Windward buildings, built in 1996, are two office buildings located in the Windward Place neighborhood of Alpharetta, Georgia. Just 30 miles north of Atlanta, these buildings are occupied by one of the largest providers of payroll outsourcing in the world, Automatic Data Processing Inc. (ADP).

The Challenge

A building inspection determined that the old, deteriorated caulking needed to be replaced because it was allowing external elements, such as moisture and pollutants, to penetrate the facade. If left unrepaired, the elements would begin to reach the building’s internal components and cause costly damage to the structure.

The Solution

Presto technicians utilized rappelling and swing stage access methods to completely remove and replace all of the control joint caulking on the building’s exterior. To ensure the safety of building employees, Presto worked in the evenings and on weekends to perform services that were required near or above walkways and entrances.

The Result

The Presto Restoration team completed the project in only four weeks, providing the client with two completely waterproof buildings. The application of new caulking prevents external elements and water from intruding the facade in addition to leaving a beautifully finished look on the exterior of both buildings.

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ADP Windward office building entrance in Alpharetta, GA

Waterproofing an office building, including replacing the control joint caulking, in Atlanta's tech focused suburb


Alpharetta, GA



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Control Joint Caulking


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