1100 Peachtree

1100 Peachtree office building in Atlanta, GA after all exterior glass, metal and stone was restored and protected by Presto Restoration


1100 Peachtree is an office building built in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia’s Midtown. This 28-story, octagonal high rise was completed in 1991, during a period in Atlanta known for architects attempting to outshine each other with their elaborate “wedding cake” skyscraper tops.


Since the opening of this prominent building, the exterior window glass was cleaned every six months using very common, yet improper, industry methods utilizing tap water and dish soap. This process resulted in the development of stains that covered the exterior of the entire building. These stains on glass, metal and stone surfaces are most commonly referred to as soap scum.


Building owner Manulife Financial, chose the Presto Restoration team to complete the extensive restoration project using the tried and tested Presto Restoration product line. It was disclosed to the Presto team that a significant amount of research was conducted before a service provider was selected. The owners wanted to ensure that 1100 Peachtree Street received the best treatment and were certain that Presto products and techniques the team uses were the right fit for the property.

After performing a full glass, metal and stone restoration on the building, Presto implemented a maintenance program to guarantee a long-term return on investment. One of the guidelines in the Presto maintenance program is making sure to clean both stone and glass with de-ionized water instead of the inferior industry standard tap water.


If properly maintained in line with Presto’s recommendations, this property will never need a full-building restoration again. A strong statement for the industry; a way of life for Presto.

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1100 Peachtree office building in Atlanta, GA after all exterior glass, metal and stone was restored and protected by Presto Restoration

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