1541 Florida Ave

The Building

1541 Florida Ave is a medical office building in Modesto, California. The facility was built in 1990, is 3 stories tall, and has an attached parking structure. The building’s exterior is mainly glass and concrete. 

The Challenge

The building’s windows needed to be wet glazed and expired caulking around the exterior of the building needed to be replaced. This is very common for a building this age. The gaskets around the window systems dry out and the caulking gets brittle and cracks. We’ve handled jobs like this for decades so the biggest challenge we faced with this project was safely accessing the building. 

The Solution

We wanted to disrupt vehicle and foot traffic as little as possible due to the importance of this building. People must be able to get to the health care appointments. We coordinated with the building managers and worked in sections so no part of the property was ever completely off limits. 

The Result

The building is now properly waterproofed. The new caulking will last for decades and keep the building safe from leaks and pests. 

Waterproofing services protects medical office building in Modesto, CA from water damage


Modesto, CA


GAHC4 Modesto

Building Type

Medical Building


Wet Glazing, Caulking




High Climbing