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Commercial Building Restoration Services in Louisville, Kentucky

COMPLETED RESTORATION PROJECT: One Paragon Center in Louisville, Kentucky

One Paragon Center stands proudly as a distinguished commercial office building in Louisville, KY. This 62,148-square-foot architectural building, completed in 1986, showcases an elegant blend of glass, metal, and precast stone. Over time, signs of aging became apparent on the precast stone, architectural glass windows, and anodized aluminum window frames, necessitating restoration for this commercial office building in Louisville, KY.

THE RESTORATION CHALLENGE: Mineral Buildup, Hard Water Stains & Mineral Leaching in Louisville, Kentucky

The precast stone and anodized aluminum window frames of the displayed severe staining from mineral buildup, requiring precast cleaning and sealing, metal restoration, and protection services. Additionally, the architectural glass windows needed glass restoration due to hard water stains and mineral leaching from the surrounding precast stone.

THE SOLUTION: Glass, Metal & Precast Stone Restoration + Sealants Services Performed in Louisville, Kentucky

Leveraging our expertise in commercial building restoration, including glass, metal, and stone restoration and protection, our team worked diligently to identify a cleaning solution for the building in Louisville, KY. To reverse the damage on the architectural glass windows, we employed our Glass Resurfacer System. This high-performance system effectively removed glass window stains caused by mineral deposits and leaching. Subsequently, we applied an invisible coating of Glass Defender MD, providing up to 10 years of protection for the newly restored glass from corrosion, stains, and water erosion.

The precast stone underwent cleaning with Stone Restore HD and sealing using LeachStop. Stone Restore HD, an acid-based cleaner for precast stone, effectively removed mineral-based stains like efflorescence and rust. LeachStop, an invisible sealant, shielded the precast from water penetration and prevented mineral leaching onto surrounding glass and metal surfaces. For the stained anodized aluminum window frames, we employed EnviRestore MSR to remove stains from the metal surface. These frames were sealed with Metal Protector MD, which combats stains and corrosion, providing long-lasting metal protection.

RESTORATION SUCCESS: Aesthetic Enhancement & Energy Efficiency Improvement in Louisville, KY

The owners of the commercial office building were preparing to list the fully leased building for sale. Hence, they required prompt restoration work on the mineral-based stained precast stone, architectural glass windows, and anodized aluminum window frames. Our team of experienced exterior waterproofing and architectural surface restoration technicians successfully completed the project within the set deadline. The precast stone, architectural glass surfaces, and anodized aluminum window frames of the severely damaged architectural facade building have been restored to their original, intended condition. With proper maintenance, they will continue to stay that way for years to come. Additionally, anodized aluminum window frame restoration and protection can enhance the energy efficiency of the building. Well-maintained and protected anodized aluminum frames offer better insulation, reducing energy costs by preventing drafts and heat loss.

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Commercial Building Restoration Services in Louisville, Kentucky

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