110 Boggs Ln

The Building

This office building is almost fifty years old and is located in a business park outside of Cincinnati, OH. The building is four stories tall and has an exterior that prominently features windows including a four-story atrium lobby.

The Challenge

Presto has teams of waterproofing experts replacing damaged caulking on commercial buildings across the country. These jobs require attention to detail and craftsmanship. We are comfortable providing waterproofing services on all types of commercial buildings no matter the circumstances, even icy conditions caused by a snowstorm.

The Solution

We were able to complete this project even though the roof was icy making for an unsafe working environment thanks to our team’s ability to problem solve and adapt. We worked around the problem areas to keep the project on schedule. We removed and replaced all the old caulking making sure no seam, crack, or crevice was left unsealed. 

The Result

This office building is now completely protected from water intrusion. We use only the best caulking when waterproofing a commercial building. The owner won’t have to worry about leaks for years. We even work with property managers to ensure they routinely check potential problem areas and fix problems before they start. 

Waterproofing services protect office building in Cincinnati, OH from water damage caused by rain and melting snow.


Cincinnati, OH



Building Type

Office Building







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