The Meadows Building

Dallas Texas Office Building Window Restoration


The Meadows Building is one of the first Dallas high-rises built outside of the downtown area. It is a charming 70-year-old brick and stone building that has been designated as a City of Dallas Landmark. The building’s unique style adds a lot of character to the neighborhood.


We worked around many other contractors that were renovating the interior of the building to restore the window frames and glass to metal joints. The size of this project was certainly a challenge on it’s own. We worked methodically to ensure that every window got the attention it deserved.


Our expert technicians decided that our own EnviRestore Metal Stain Remover would be best for the tarnished window frames. We also decided to use industry leading Dow Corning 795 to repair the glass to metal joints. Technique, the right tools, and patience is needed when tackling a project of this scale.


It took us six months to clean and restore the metal frames of all the windows, but it was well worth the effort. All the frames look better than new and perfectly match the newly refreshed interior of the building. The windows are sealed and won’t allow air or water leaks. 

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Dallas Texas Office Building Window Restoration

70-year-old building in Dallas, Texas gets commercial window restoration services to match renovations


Dallas, TX


Glenstar and USAA Real Estate

Building Type

Historic Office Building

Project Duration

6 Months


Window Frame Restoration

Historic Building Restoration


EnviRestore Metal Stain Remover

Dow Corning 795