PrestoRestore historic preservation and restoration follow correct services, techniques, and products to recover, reveal, and restore the intended architectural building design.

Masonry Cleaning, Maintenance & Restoration Services

What Do Masonry Cleaning, Maintenance & Restoration Services Entail?

Masonry cleaning, maintenance and restoration services are vital to most commercial buildings because masonry as a building material dates back to ancient times when Egyptians developed elaborate stonemasonry techniques to construct the pyramids. Today, architects and builders value masonry for its scale, texture, color, and pattern as well, as its non-aesthetics benefits like controlling sound,…

Freshly restored commercial windows

Commercial Window Restoration Services: So Much More Than Cleaning

Window restoration services are an important part of maintaining the character and charm of older buildings whether they are churches, office buildings, or shopping centers. The past decade has seen a growing trend towards restoring old buildings to promote sustainability, pride in community, and aesthetics. Older buildings are a testament to a community’s history and…

Building Restoration & Historic Preservation transform old buildings

Building Restoration & Historic Preservation With State-of-the-Art Techniques

Presto Restoration provides building restoration and historic preservation services that ensure your landmark structure beautifully maintains its notable appearance. People who live, work, or visit historic buildings know what outstanding examples of living history they can be. Their incredible appeal is one of the primary reasons owners and managers of historic structures work so hard…